Saving Money By Fixing Your Own Pool

Having your own swimming pool is great – being able to take a dip on your own private property on a hit day is both refreshing and relaxing. Unfortunately, it also comes at a cost – not just the initial cost of installation, but also in maintenance and repair. After several years of use, pools will eventually start to crack and chip, and hiring a professional can cost several hundreds of dollars. Luckily, in many cases it’s not that hard to perform the pool repair yourself at a much cheaper price.

Start your pool repair by draining it out. Once it’s empty and dry, take a concrete saw and actually expand your crack by a few inches on each side. Clean it out by rinsing the crack with water and allowing it to dry, then apply a line of caulk to fill the crack while leaving about a quarter inch of space available. Allow the caulk to dry for 24 hours, then continue on.

Create a mixture by combining Portland cement, acrylic bonding agent, and maybe some white sand with some water. The goal should be to get a thick butter-like texture. Go back to the pool and lightly moisten it with a wet sponge, then begin spreading your mixture in to the crack with a trowel. Take care to make sure you fill up the crack completely – you don’t want any air bubbles underneath. Be careful when applying this step here as it is an important step in this process.

It may take a little teasing, but try to get the mixture to match the consistency and look of your existing pool surface. Once you’re happy with it, it’s best to fill up your pool immediately before the mixture dries out. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, cover the mixture with a wet towel or blanket. All of these tools and supplies should be available at your local hardware store for a reasonable price, saving you hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars in the long run.

Hungry Shark Evolution Tips and Cheats

You will be able to find everything on the menu in the Hungry Shark Evolution game. If you love snack items in the form of hapless humans, barracuda and other tasty morsels then with the help of these cheats and tips you will be able to maximize your score.


  • The game will allow you to view the certified Hungry Shark plush toy. In this way you will be able to receive free Coins.
  • You will also be able to watch trailers to get free Gems and Coins.
  • If you don’t want to be stung by a Jelly Fish then it will be necessary for you to buy an Antidote for 100 Coins.
  • You will be able to protect the shark with the help of the Flak Jacket from mine explosions. However, you will have to buy 100 Coins.
  • To unlock new sharks and maps you’ll need to level up.
  • You should stay away from the prickly fish. You will also have to stay away from the swordfish’s spear.
  • To earn more coins, you will have to gorge on gold-colored fish and people.
  • It will not be necessary for you to track down coins as they will be automatically added to your current total.
  • You will have to find the treasure chests in the game of Hungry Shark Evolution to claim daily rewards.

More hungry shark evolution cheats –

  • In order to speed up the shark temporarily and at the same time to increase its attack power, you will only have to touch the screen to boost.
  • In order to help your shark to grow and progress.
  • With the help of the potions, you will be able to keep your shark alive as long as possible; you will also have to upgrade your shark.
  • You should eat more sharks as in this way your shark will become bigger. When you grow your shark to the Max, you can unlock the next shark.
  • You will find 15 sunken items hidden across the globe. If you wish to earn more points, you will have to collect them.
  • Your shark must eat to stay alive as its energy slowly depletes.

Enjoy the new characters with Crossy road cheats


Crossy road is an amazing game from Hipster whale. It was launched on November 2014. Now it is a worldwide popular game.  There is no wonder about the popularity as the graphics and sound quality of the game is just awesome.  If you want to enjoy the never ending fun of the game then download the hack tool.  There are different character options to choose. Depending on the goal, you need to play the character whether you want more gold or you want to score high. If you will play in portrait mode then it is more comfortable to play, but playing in landscape will help you to get more coins. You can easily find out the trouble and dangers while playing in landscape mode.  Threats are easily visible in landscape mode.  So you need to choose the character according to your goal in the game.

All available characters of the game are good at something.  So it depends on you what character you want to play with. Crossy road cheats will allow you to get special hits, methods, unlimited coins and extra lives to cover more distance. Using the extra lives you can break the high score. You will play continuously for longer time. It also makes you able to play new characters which are not possible in simple techniques.

All the characters of same box size and speed, but you will find some different while playing some characters. The style of movement of special characters will make the difference in result.  Some play batter in black ship and others travel for long time in swift snail character. The simple and common methods to be killed in the game are moving into a river, kidnapped by an eagle, and running into a vehicle. You cannot avoid these, but you can extra lives using the Crossy road cheat tools.    

How to use a Free Racing Rivals Hack Tool

Check out the latest Racing Rivals hack generator , where you can get unlimited resources for free. This hack tool is the newest generator in the world of game hacking. It cheats into the game’s root code and alters its algorithm allowing the player to literally control his stats and edit his cash and gems to the amount he desires. Moreover, it has the feature to add infinite boosts to the player’s account allowing him to take full control of the game, win every race, beat every opponent, purchase all upgrades, own all expensive cars and tune them, and most importantly, earn bragging rights.

But how does this cheat work? It hacks into the game’s root code and edits the variables, such as gems and cash, allowing the player to attain an unlimited amount and at the same time securely and safely. In addition to that, it has two special features exclusive to this tool. It utilizes new technology such as anti-ban and proxy usage to guarantee its security thus is completely undetectable by the game’s servers. The updated Racing Rivals hack has the potential to change your entire gaming experience from dull to sensational. I knew a guy who used to love racing games. He found Racing Rivals and got quickly addicted, but eventually he got tired of having to work for cash and gems. As a result, he stopped playing the game. Then, he found his way to our Racing Rivals cheat, and gave it a try. Once he saw how his cash and gems increased to billions in a matter of seconds, he got so excited that he has never stopped playing ever since. This tool has changed his Racing Rivals experience and he will always come back to use the tool.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.14.32 PM

You have probably seen many people from YouTube and Facebook who have millions of cash and gems, and own all the beautiful and expensive cars, and win every race thanks to their unlimited boosts. This is where they get their stats from. They have found this Racing Rivals tool and used it to max out their gems. As a result, they made new friends in the game and became very popular, and were able to enjoy the game to the max and brag to their opponents.

In addition to its super speed and functionality, this tool is very simple to use. It only requires the player to follow some very simple steps. First, connect your device and select your platform, Android or iOS. Second, input the amount of cash and gems you desire. It is optional you select unlimited boosts and we recommend you use anti-ban and proxy technology to augment the security of the hack. Finally, click on generate, refresh the game, and you should see your cash and gems have increased to the amount you entered into the tool in a matter of seconds. It is ridiculously easy, so what are you waiting for? Download the Racing Rivals hack now.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.14.46 PM

Future of Computer Gaming

The game development industry is going through an interesting time. It is not the case, such as it was in 1998, where a company could develop and put to market a new game every 1-1.5 years. Development costs have skyrocketed in the past decade, leading to games that take 6-7 years to build, teams in the 100’s and costs in the millions and millions of dollars. I think, that’s right, this is the opinion part, that game developers are going to take successful games and start squeezing out episodic content.

Let’s look at where this all began. In the recent past the Movie Industry has seen the rebirth of the sequel. Today, its seems that almost every successful big budget movie has a sequel; Blade (1,2,3), Harry potter (1,2,3,4, working on 5), Pirates of the Caribbean (1, working on 2 & 3), Spider man (1,2, working on 3), Xmen (1,2,working on 3), hell they are even making Die Hard 4 to recapture some of the magic. The point is simple, as budgets increase in astronomical proportions risk becomes a larger problem. Developers (and investors) are less and less comfortable putting all their eggs into one 6-7 year basket. As such, you take a successful game, build on the series and hopefully you incur a less risky venture. Granted the movie industry isn’t a direct parallel to the gaming industry because you have to make a movie from scratch regardless, but the point is fundamentally the same, long development times (6-7 years), 100’s of people, millions of dollars ($50-$150 million) all make for a very risky undertaking, a risky undertaking that leaves companies less and less willing to take with new and unproven ideas.

How to Play Minecraft Online for Free


Minecraft is a game that is almost known to anyone most especially in the online world. Because of the demand for this game, there are plenty of websites that let you play Minecraft for free online. But what are the things that you need to remember in order to play this amazing game? Here are the important tips that you need to take note.

• The first thing that you should do is to research through the internet for the websites that caters to online games.

• After locating that website, it will then ask you to install Java application. The only way to play Minecraft is with Java so you have to confirm that you are going to use it. It often takes a lot of time for the game to load after installing Java. So this requires you to have patience.

• After the Java, you can now start playing the game with no hassle.

Playing Minecraft free online can be a stress reliever for young teens these days. So if you want to play with no hassle, then you have to follow these tips. Start by researching for possible websites for online games and install Java to play with ease.